It’s been a long time since I’ve written an article with ideas for outings, yet I’ve seen a few exhibitions and participated in some events like the “nuit blanche” but it’s true that motivation and enthusiasm were a bit faded but life goes on and Paris still has a lot to offer.

So I propose to organize a weekend around a theme of Paris and fashion but be careful it is not to go shopping but to discover or rediscover a period, a designer and an iconic artist of the Paris of the 20’s and 30’s.

A little practical advice: almost all Parisian museums in their protocol of sanitary measures ask you to reserve a time slot online so too bad for spontaneity but the advantage is a visit in safer conditions.

Exhibitions about Paris and Fashion :


Man Ray et la Mode

I propose you to start with the visit of the exhibition Man Ray et la Mode which is held at the Musée du Luxembourg until January 17th. 2021

The exhibition allows you to discover one of the little known facets of this surrealist artist. He was very present on the artistic and social scene of Paris in the 20’s and 30’s. But he is also a key player in the invention of fashion photography.
You will follow his encounters, his artistic and technical discoveries that he was able to transfer to the world of fashion photography, the women who became famous and who marked out his career, his iconic photos, etc…

If you want to extent your visit, I can propose the following :

You, rush on ARTE.TV to watch the two documentaries devoted to Lee Miller who was Man Ray’s assistant, model, muse and lover for a few years. The documentaries are really great.

Lee Miller: Mannequin et photographe de Guerre : available in replay until October 30

L’amour à l’Oeuvre : Man Ray et Lee Miller: available in replay until October 30

Harper’s Bazar, Premier Magazine de Mode

To stay tune with the theme Paris and Fashion, our next visit will be to  the Museum of Decorative Arts to admire the exhibition Harper’s Bazar,  Premier Magazine de mode.( till 3rd of January 2021).
Man Ray really started his career as a fashion photographer at Harpers Bazaar.

I had the pleasure to visit this exhibition just before the Lockdown, it presents the history of the magazine from its creation to today through the most famous of its covers but also with 6O of the most iconic models presented in the magazine.

Important: By presenting your ticket for the Man Ray exhibition you will be entitled to a discount on the exhibition Harper’s Bazar at the Museum of Decorative Arts.

Gabrielle Chanel, Manifeste de Mode.

The other exhibition of the moment that echoes Man Ray’s is the exhibition onr Gabrielle Chanel. Manifeste de Mode,, which has just started at the Musée Galliera: Paris fashion museum which has just reopened after several months of work.
I can’t tell you more because I haven’t visited it yet.

Pause gourmande:

Very often before or after an exhibition I treat myself with a nice pastry. When I am accompanied, it is the occasion to exchange our impressions on the exhibition and otherwise it is the moment to regain strength and relax and to honor the Parisian pleasure of enjoying a pastry, a good cup of hot chocolate or a tea.

So I’m going to entrust you with some of my favourite addresses for a nice “Pause Gourmande”.

Jardin du Luxembourg

When you go to see an exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg, the solution that would seem the most obvious for a Pause gourmande would be to go to the Mademoiselle Angelina next to the museum and even if I really like this address, it is not this one that I wanted to tell you about but 13 au Jardin which replaces the coffee shop at 16 rue des Saint Pères 13 in Baker’s dozen. The new coffeeshop is much more spacious and offers a very nice terrace just in front of the Luxembourg garden.
You can find the great successes of American pastry: Carrot Cakes, Brownies, Cheesecakes etc… Savoury menu is also extremely tempting. The drinks are also very numerous. I can only recommend the very creamy and gourmet hot chocolate.

Rue de Rivoli

I can’t just propose you only one address so it will two with very different atmospheres and flavors.

Salon de thé Sébastien Gaudard  1 rue des Pyramides: it is the name of a pastry chef who offers great classics of French pastry: Saint Honoré, choux à la crème, MIlle feuilles etc… the tastes are authentic and delicate. The tea room is very small, it looks like a small boudoir, the service is pleasant. The atmosphere is a little old-fashioned but very pleasant.

Le Stube 31 rue de Richelieu: ihere you will find the best of the german cakes:  the black forests, the Linzetorte, the Apfeltorte, the cheesecakes.The cakes are really delicious and they have nice beverages menu with bionade and in winter Hot wine and the small christmas cakes during the season.

Palais Galliera

Every time I go to see an exhibition at the Gallierra Museum or go to the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, I make a little trip to Pâtisserie de Cyril Lignac which is located at 2 rue de Chaillot, very difficult to make a choice, because everything is very appetizing but my recommendations would be the chocolate flan, the salted butter caramel éclair and the Baba au Rhum.
When the weather is nice, the ideal is to go to the Square du Palais Galliera to taste your cake, Viennese pastries or any other delicacy. Another option is to go and sit in the café next to the pastry shop. They accept that you eat your pastries on the spot.

After this gourmet break, you will have the choice either to visit the Luxembourg Garden or the Tuileries garden and if you go to the Galliera museum I advise you to go and admire the view of the Eiffel Tower from the terrace of the Palais de Tokyo.

I will really love to have your comments aobut the above mentioned exhibitions or the “Salons de thé”

Musae du Luxembourg : 19 rue de Vaugirard Paris 06

Musé des Arts Découratifs: 107 rue de Rivoli Paris 01

Musée Galliera: 10 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, Paris 16

Mademoiselle Angelina: 19 rue de Vaugirard Paris 06

Treize Au Jardin : 5 rue de Médicis Paris 06

Sebastien Gaudard Salon de thé: 1 rue des Pyramides Paris 01

Le Stube : 31 Rue de Richelieu Paris 01

Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac : 2 Rue de Chaillot, Paris 16

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