Gifted with an innate sense of service, adaptability to ability to manage any situation and being an highly qualified solutions oriented person, Delphine has been excelling in helping people concentrate on their professional work for over 20 years.


Your expatriates are in the best of hands

Through her professional career, she has worked exclusively for large companies including but not limited to :McKinsey, Bank of America Merril Lynch.  Her personal experiences have her living the international life on a daily basis.  From linguistic studies in various languages, her many friends from all over the world, her many international trips to name but a few.

Parisian to the core

Cosmopolitan and passionate about international relations, trilingual – French, English,German, she participates actively in the organisation of TEDx Saclay which noursishes her thirst for innovation and her interest for the event industry.

Delphine has found her passion in work through use of her services to help expats through her vast knowledge of Paris, France, her extensive network, her incredible resourcefulness and a passion for a high quality service.

As a Parisian and passionate about her city, she is also happy to help visitors discover the beauty of Paris.

Custom oriented

Excellence in customer service through understanding and empathy allow for exceptional executive assistance.  By understanding individual needs and providing tailored programs to suit each person ensures quick and positive resolution to any challenges while laying the foundation for a smooth transition.

Network woman

In today’s fast paced work, a reliable and resourceful network is a plus.  Often, knowing the right person to solve a particular problem or help open doors saves valuable time.


Solution oriented

With a strong work ethic and resourcefulness coupled with innate curiosity and creativity, there is no solution that escapes even the most unusual problem or request.

MyParisTouch is really a network of great partners


The foundation of MyParisTouch is built on two corner stones of service; 

  • solution focused with an emphasis on the delivering service with the utmost of care.
  • my innate ability at leveraging my diverse and wide network while simultaneously creating connections for others.

MyParisTouch’s main goal is to enable the best care based solution by piecing together the best service providers to any quandary.

Delphine Brière

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