Back in France

It is time for your to come back in your own country. Not so easy !

Moving, it is said to be among  the stressfull experience in life.

You are afraid of the French “Redtapes” and you don’t have anymore a trustfull network to guide you.

MyParisTouch is here for you and to facilitate your return to France and your installation in Paris or the Paris region

Looking for your new home

French Administrative tasks

Daily life

Finding your new Home


The property market in Paris and the Ile de France is quite tight and particular.

A search can be very time consuming and stressful. MyParisTouch can help you in this process:

  • Advises and assists you in determining the best location for your future home
  • Takes into account your criteria and expectations to propose a selection of offers
  • Organises visits and assists in the composition of the file

French administrative paperworks

The reputation of the French administration is ahead of its time and you are apprehensive about dealing with all these procedures.

MyParisTouch is there to make your life easier and save you time, and takes care of :

  • The reactivation of your health insurance rights
  • Your registration or update of your account with the Caisse d’Assurance Familiale
  • Enrolment in schools
  • All other administrative procedures…



Daily life

For a smooth return to France, MyParisTouch facilitates your integration and saves you time and energy, they give you :

  • Tips for getting around in France, using public transport
  • Tips for the best shopping and to avoid bad surprises
  • Access to a trusted and quality network for all services and all situations



Nathalie Carlucci

Nathalie Carlucci

Temoignage Retour en France

Delphine is incredibly efficient and a good listener.
Without her, life would be so much more complicated!
Having lost my husband in a car accident during an expatriation to Tokyo, my two young children and I had to return to Paris in a hurry.
She was in charge of managing all our paperwork.
She handled it with a masterful hand, smoothly and in a minimum of time.

I am infinitely grateful to her for having taken the burden off my shoulders, thus leaving me more time to manage the daily life with my children.

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