The best way to present the services and benefits of MyParisTouch is to refer to our customers’ testimonials.

I returned to France after 35 years living in the US. In the US,

I have signed a dozen leases; I have owned and sold three properties; I am well established professionally; and I speak French fluently.

But the housing market was a complete mystery to me, and I was lost for months. I was not even getting visits. Delphine was able to repackage my application, walk me through the process, secure visits, and, ultimately get me, a lease.

She is also helping with the other thousand administrative details of life in France.

She is responsive, patient, and well connected. She has been a life-changer.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Delphine (My Paris Touch) for anyone seeking a reliable relocation agent.

Fev 2024

Nikolai W

Delphine is absolutely amazing!`

I arrived in Paris for work and was urgently looking for a long-term apartment – in the winter when there are less housing supply with high market demand –

She managed to find an apartment for me in less than three weeks.

Delphine is very professional, highly reactive and extremely efficient. From the first call of explaining her process, to preparing my file to ensure the best presentation, to contacting the housing agents in speed time, to accompanying me on visits, to setting up the essentials for move-in (insurance, electricity, internet) – everything was wonderfully managed by Delphine.

I highly recommend MyParisTouch.

Jan 2024

Frances C

We Highly recommend Delphine/MyParisTouch.

We considered 4 different agents before we came to Paris and had video meetings with 2 agencies before choosing her.

She listened, advised, and was honest about the difficulties we faced both because we were foreigners and retired.

We could sense that she was smarter than her competitors. She was patient, guided us, stuck with us when times were tough, and saw our search through to the end.

She went the extra mile for us and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the work she accomplished on our behalf. In a word, she’s AWESOME!

Jan 2024

John & Kareen O'D

Delphine’s help was invaluable for my move to France. She consistently demonstrated outstanding expertise and dedication in facilitating my relocation. And she did so with a truly warm and caring way.

Delphine took the time to understand the specific needs and preferences for my family and I.  Her attention to detail, coupled with a proactive approach, ensured that every aspect of finding and settling into our new home was handled with utmost care and efficiency.

From assisting with housing searches to helping set up our initial bills and accounts and tips on how to integrate into the local community, Delphine went above and beyond to make the entire process stress-free.

Delphine has strong  communication skills and responsiveness, promptly addressing any concerns or questions that arose during the relocation. This not only fostered a sense of trust, but also led to a very personalized service.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Delphine (My Paris Touch) for anyone seeking a reliable relocation agent.

Nov 2023



I was lucky enough to work with Delphine
She helped me to find an apartment in Paris region after years abroad.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Having lived in America and being French, I was lost in my search and she was a great help in a particularly tight real estate market.

She knows the Paris market very well, as well as the surrounding area, is very responsive, gives news quickly, is always very optimistic, professional and gives good advice for both the search and the rental file.

It was a pleasure working with her, she found the apartment in a month!
I highly recommend her!

Nov 2023

Aude G

Prior to enlisting the services of My Paris Touch, I had worked with a very popular apartment hunter in Paris.
The results were dismal! I had explained to them up front that my situation was precarious and a bit unusual and finding an apartment in Paris was of high urgency. They took my money and I never heard back from them.

When I found My Paris Touch and met with Delphine, I again explained my situation and she told me that while it may be a little difficult, she’s confident we could find a place.

Delphine found me an apartment within a weekand within two weeks, the lease was signed.
She also helped with arranging the utilities, etc., and also with my French administrative paperwork.

She really is an angel who was sent at the perfect time!

I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about finding an apartment in Paris.

Sept 2023

Andrea A

I am immensely grateful to Delphine for her exceptional support during my international relocation from the Bay Area to Paris, France.

Her expertise, dedication, and unwavering support throughout this complex process were truly remarkable. Her attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and proactive approach made what could have been an overwhelming experience surprisingly smooth.

Delphine went above and beyond to address every aspect of my relocation, including connecting me with experts on visa requirements, managing my housing arrangements, and even negotiating with the phone company on my behalf. She made herself available to answer my questions and concerns, providing invaluable guidance at every step of the way. Her ability to anticipate challenges and provide practical solutions was truly remarkable.

What truly sets Delphine apart is her genuine care for her clients.

She took the time to understand my needs and concerns, tailoring her support to ensure my comfort and peace of mind throughout the process.

Her positive attitude, patience, and encouragement were a constant source of reassurance during what can be a stressful period.

I cannot recommend Delphine highly enough—her dedication, professionalism, and personal touch make her a true asset to anyone navigating the complexities of moving abroad.

She is an expert in her field and a compassionate and trustworthy partner in this significant life change.

Aug 2023

Angèle Malone

Delphine was our relocation guru when our family of four moved to France from the United States.
She helped us demystify so many of the processes, brokering cultural nuances along the way.
From taking care of opening our electricity and internet accounts to connecting us with a bank director, and facilitating our conversations and processes for finding a suitable rental in our new city,
She was at our side every step of the way.
She made our relocation so much smoother, and saved me a lot of stress and frustration, not to mention countless hours of research and admin tasks.
She was knowledgeable, warm, funny and a delight to work with. I would gladly hire her again.

July 2023

Sylvana Rochat

My husband and I contacted Delphine to help us relocate to Paris with our daughter after 8 years of expatriation!

She went above and beyond and helped us navigate the various agencies and manage the administrative hurdles.

Her connections and way of presenting our application made the difference and we found our dream apartment.

She is organized, very responsive and truly dedicated to her clients.

She uses modern tools to shortlist the apartments, set up the visits and follow up with us and the different agencies.

I will recommend her services to anyone wanting to move to Paris!

The City of Lights has many hidden gems, and Delphine is one of them.

May 2023


The world bank

i looked on the internet and came across myparistouch when i was looking for a flat in paris.

Right after my first call i was able to meet Mrs Delpine Briere, she made a very competent impression and knew her way around paris very well.

She helped me to find my apartment and also organized the contracts for electricity, gas and internet. i can recommend mrs briere to anyone who needs help finding an apartment.

She is very reliable and has helped me a lot.

Dec 2022

Mathias B


Through my various experiences in expatriation these last 12 years, I had the opportunity to practice several relocation firms, clearly MyParisTouch is among the best.

Indeed, what is promised in the estimate is done and this alone is a guarantee of seriousness and quality service.

Delphine is present, she helps, she negotiates, she finds beautiful real estate opportunities, she takes the steps for you with seriousness and it is very appreciable.

The communication is fluid and Delphine answers quickly.

Dec 2022
Merouane B


“Myparistouch has alleviated a lot of the stress of changing countries and has been very helpful for everything administrative, ranging from finding a new place to setting up Internet, Electricity etc…

Delphine is involved, responsive and available, and happily shares her expertise of the Paris region.

I’ve been happy with the service.”

Nov 2022

François C

We are a french american family relocating from the US and thanks to Delphine we were able to find a place to live and set up utilities and more prior to arrival.
She is professional, a wonderful listener, very detailed and follows through on all requests.
The process is not easy when trying to do it all alone as I was trying so I can say that hiring Delphine was the best decision my family made.
July 2022
Virginie P

My experience with Delphine was great.

Much of the stress of finding a new apartment and all the admin that goes with it was expertly handled by Delphine.

I would highly recommend her service to anyone and won’t hesitate to use her for future projects.

July 22

Bronwen S

I relocated to France from Zambia with an 11 year old with a lot of concerns and worries of how I will be able to settle in and settle in quickly in Paris.

From my first whatsapp conversation with Delphine and sharing with her my fears and concerns she has held our hand through the process.

We are now settled in a lovely two bed apartment in a very nice location in Paris .

Which is close to work and close to my daughters school. Delphine has continued to go over and above to help me with the smallest of tasks just to make it easier for us.

I keep calling and calling her again for more services 🙂 .

I definitely would recommend her for the special and touch she brings to her services and encourage her to expand more on her list of services for expatriates.

April 2022

Chipo Z


Delphine is like a breath of fresh air.

She is extremely dedicated to her clients and truly wants the best for them.

I needed urgent help with finding an apartment and she took the lead in a way that I didn’t have to stress or worry anymore.

She was quick to answer my questions, she provided information clearly as agreed, she was structured and communicative, as well as very friendly on my sometimes unrealistic expectations so that I would have the best knowledge

I needed on the Parisian market. She’s fluent in English and being French herself she understands and knows how the system and admin in France works.

It took for her 8 days to find my home for me. And that’s what she does, she finds a home, not just any apartment. I absolutely warmly recommend her services.

Dec 2021

Tiaa P

When i get jumbled in French admin, Delphine is my firsport of call.

I know she has “founder” as her job title, but she could add “life saver” too.

Dec 2021

Oliver Gee

The Earfull Tower

Delphine proved to be very efficient in moving me through the bureaucraty and day to day hurdles: tax, social security, moves, trips, bookings, retirements plans…

A worthy ressources

Oct 2021

Patrice Z

When living in a foreign country and even despite having a strong grasp of the language, certain tasks require the help of someone’s expertise. 

Recently in applying for jobs in french, I was required to write cover letters to my CV and follow up emails. 

It was very important that these documents came across as professional and well written. 

Delphine’s help was invaluable in these instances as I was able to send over a text in english and she provided an exceptional translation.  Her grasp and depth of her written and spoken english make her ability to fluently translate into any text a massive help.  

Couple this with her genuine support in what you are doing and it minimizes the stress instantly. 

I can not recommend Delphine’s help enough.


Sept 2021

karin H

Delphine helped me to find an apartment in Paris… from abroad… during COVID.

She made the impossible happen with flat viewvings using viedocalls and I was able to move in the minute I arrived.

I was more than happy with her service.

Jan 2021

Misha T

Delphine helped me find the apartment for my move from Prague to Paris.

It was a challenge ! I needed to do everything remotely before fl21h, and caring attitude.

June 2021

Dimitri N

Delphine is incredibly efficient and a good listener.

Without her, life would be so much more complicated.

June 2021

Nathalie C

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