Before the  era of the Smartphone, when you were visiting Paris, going out or looking for a restaurant, you would have to used a real map a guiding book or the newspaper and magazines.

Now you have the apps so easy to use and available at any times.

But sometimes, as the saying goes, “Too many choices kill the choice”.

I don’t have a thousand apps on my phone, but a few that I admit make my Parisian life easier and give me a little extra.

Let me introduce you to  three useful or even indispensable applications and two more entertaining ones that will make you discover Paris in a different way.


I think if I had to keep one it would be this one. It’s already been the subject of an article in my blog.

What I particularly appreciate :

-the choice of routes: on foot, by bike, by bicycle, by public transport (bus, tramway, subway) by cab etc…

– the itinerary to go to the bus station, the waiting time,

– indication in which car (subway/RER train )you have to get on to be closest to the right exit.

-If ever there are problems on the network or events, the app will not offer you the route concerned by these disruptions (which is not the case on googlemap).

-offline consultation is possible

Citymapper also exists in many large cities.

Le Fooding: 

Where to eat in Paris ?This is one of the most important decision of a Parisian!

The choice is vast, the restaurants open and close at high speed, it’s hard to be always up to date and then if you care about the quality of the meals more than the setting and the atmosphere, this application is for you.

The Fooding is a website, availale in English. But also a Guide with ranking published once a year.

The emphasis is really put on value for money, you will find restaurants but also hotels in Paris and other major French cities.

You can search by type of restaurant, by location and especially use geolocation and sort by price range.

I use it very often and I have never been disappointed. l

Mapster (NEW)

I love this application, it allows you to create your own map with the topics you want and you can also share it with your friends. Much easier to use than Google maps.

In my map i have listed the : restaurants or cocktails bars I want to give a try, the list of my favourite coffeeshop best street foods, icecreams etc…

So you are always ready to propose a places to your friends or your date 🙂

And each time someone talk to me about a great place he or she went recently I can add the place very qucickly an easily in my personal map.


The next two applications are much more fun, allowing you to wander around Paris differently.

Flash Invader: 

You have probably already spotted these small mosaics that have gradually “invaded” Paris. The Space Invader Project began in 1998 in Paris, the street artist INVADER who defines himself as an AVNI: Unidentified Living Artist has imagined this adventure to get out the artistic creations these usual shackles: galleries, museums.

The first represented  Space Invaders from the video game since the works have diversified and have invaded other major capitals of the world.

In Paris alone there are more than 1400 of them how do I know? Well thanks to the Flash invader application that allows you to check if the works you meet are indeed INVADER because yes it has made emulators !! and so with this application you take a picture and you can win points and know the number and date of creation. It’s fun and as a result you raise your head a little more often, it activates your sense of observation.



I discovered this application not in Paris but in Lausanne. It is available worldwide.

It is a treasure hunt for kids and adults.

All you have to do is create a free account that gives you access to a map where you can locate Geocaches around you.

By clicking on it you will have a description of the place where they are, sometimes with a little anecdote, a clue then it is up to you to go in search of this little hidden treasure. Remember to have a pen on you because sometimesyou will be asked to leave your name and the date of finding on a small parchment, notebook etc… You will then have to log in to indicate that you have found the geocache and then we move on to the next one.

I pick up only 5 apps but there are so many of fthem :there is one to find the next public toilet or one to find the next drinkable water fountain and one sponsored by the “Mairie de Paris” to encourage Parisian to report troubles / issues on the street.

I will be really curious about your favourite apps to go around Paris?

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