In this article Meghan, an, the classic Unhappy expat, , the author draws a parallel between the situation of Meghan Markel and that of professional expatriates.

As you most certainly know, Harry and Meghan decided to leave the United Kingdom and settle in Canada. The author of this article gives her vision of this decision “the main reasons which led the couple to make this decision are largely due to the failure of Meghan’s intergration in her new country, her new life and this new environment.”

She would not have been able to overcome this famous period that we call the cultural shock and maybe had  a lack of preparation for her new life, because even if she speaks English, the British culture is very different from the US one’s.

She was maybe not ready for the stress of the immense media pressure and the heaviness and rigor of the protocol of the royal family.

I found the parallel intersting and smart from the author, who is an expert in cultural differences.





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