In this post I will not only recommend exhiblitions I saw but also the ones I want to see !

Last chance to see those exhibitions:

Soulages at the Louvre (ending March 9) : An exceptionnal exhibition is taking place in the prestigious Salon Carré to celebrate the 100 birthday of Pierre Soulages. I like very much the display of very modern art pieces in a very classical Room of the Royal Residency. But I found the lighting not optimal.

Soulages at Pompidou Center (jending March 9):It is also a tribute exhibition of Pierre Soulages that taking place in Centre Pompidou which has the second largest collection of Soulages ‘ master pieces. The Centre Pompidou celebrates this friendship through 14 artworks of the French master.

Christian Boltanski ““Life in the making” Centre Pompidou (Ending March 16): I am a real fan of Christian Boltanski’s work, I saw the exhibition twice. There is often a lot of poetry in his installations, but also emotion, denunciation and political commitment. He questions the role and the word of the artist in our societies.

La Marquise Arconati Visconti at Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Ending March 15): I haven’t seen yet the exhibltion but Musée des Arts décoratifs are all trustworthy. The collection of Marquise Arconati Visconti, one of the most important patrons of the arts of the Belle Epoque.

The new exhibitions

Hearts Romanticism in Contemporary Art Musée de la vie Romatique:I have already mentioned this exhibition in one of my Post about Valentine’day I went two see it and was surprise about the affluent on that partcular day as this museum is rather unknown and very small but their communication campagnain has been sucessfull. It is quite pleasant but some time a bit too intelecual.

The Supermarket of Images Jeu de Paume : Images are everywhere ! The society is saturated with images. The exhibition questionsf how the image are made and how we consume them. You will need to have some time to visit it as there are many videos and things so see.

Below you will have a list of the exhibtion I intend to see this splring:

All is about fashion !

Christian Louboutin – L’exhibition(nist) – Palais de la Porte Dorée – ending July 26

Harper’s Bazaar- Premier magazine de mode– Musée des arts décoratifs ending July 14

A bit of science:

On Love – Palais de la découverte ending August 10.

Etre Beau- Being Beautiful : Musée de l’Homme  Ending June 29: Aseries of portraits of people of all ages, from all backgrounds and all professions, who all share the fact that they are not seen as « normal ».

Neurons- Simulated intelligence– Centre Georges Pompidou Ending April 29

From dream to magic !

Faire Corps- Adrien M et Claire B – Gaieté Lyrique jusqu’au 3 mai: Leavie the real world to enter in a numeric world for a moving and interacting experience.

Monet, Renoir… Chagall. Journeys around the Mediterranean L’Atelier des Lumières ending  31 December: If lyou have never been at l’Atelier des lumières it is huge time for you to live this magical experience and the theme of the exhibition is perfect to slowly going out of the winter atmosphere.

Comment from you will make me so happy !! If you have the oppoortunity so see one of those exhibitons don’t forget to leave a comment.











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