First of all, let me wish you all a very happy new year 2023.

The beginning of the year is the best time to take a step back and assess the past year and set goal for the year to come.

And I am delighted to share with you my enthusiasm about my professional year 2022, the year of the take off of MyParisTouch, what a joy to be able to live financially from my professional activity.

I ended the year with the conviction that I made the right decision to start my own business.

I am not saying that everything is simple and easy, I have my share of stress, especially linked to the difficulty of anticipating the activity and the seasonality and especially to combine the operational work and the long term efforts in communication and prospectin

The relationship with my clients brings me the greatest satisfaction, I have never known such recognition of my work in my past experience in the corporate world. The support and help I provide to my clients is concrete and immediate. And it is a real joy for me to bring solutions to multiple and varied problems.

The other success and pride of this year 2022 is to have been referenced by Choose Paris Region as a partner and be present on their platform. The platform is still very recent and I still have some work to do to make my profile attractive but it is really a great opportunity.

Especially since one of my main objectives for 2023 is to intensify my activity with the BTOB and corporate world. Having a long experience in the corporate world, I know the codes and expectations and I know how to propose solutions adapted to the profiles of senior executives.

The other objective for 2023 is to increase my network and optimize my influence through it. Experience has shown me that this is a real success factor.

I joined a business network in October 2021, the BNI 360 – Paris 6ème and I did not hesitate in 2022 to renew my commitment because benefiting from a network of trusted and quality professionals is really key to guarantee my clients the best services and moreover the links forged with the members bring me a lot.

On a professional level of course but also on a personal level, to break the solitude of entrepreneurship and especially a lot of support, advice and good humor. It’s a weekly meeting that has the power to boost my energy and give me back the motivation I need when I have moments of doubt.

2023 should be the first year since I started my activity as a solo entrepreneur where I will be able to work for 12 months without restrictive measures for international mobility.

The growth of my turnover over the last months of 2022 encourages me to be optimistic but above all what brings me the most confidence is, as previously mentioned, the positive feedback from my clients and also the certainty that I have found the activity where I can offer the best of myself and which brings me a real pleasure, that of being useful and helping my clients in a concrete way.