For the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest on 2 podcasts and an insta-live, to share my love of Paris and my expertise on moving to France.

Three podcasts I am a fan of and I appreciate the content and quality.

The Earfultower with the talented Oliver Gee. on the mic. I discovered it almost two years ago and in a few weeks I listened to all the episodes. I really got hooked with the tone, the freshness and especially the contagious enthusiasm of its founder. Oliver is an optimist and in his difficult times he has managed to keep his good mood and to show ingenuity to always offer his audience quality, interesting, funny and even sometimes moving episodes.

Last April, on a beautiful morning at the Champ de Mars, it was my turn to speak in this famous microphone, we mainly talked about the 16th district which does not always have good press but nevertheless has a lot to offer. Moreover the happy patreon members had the opportunity a few days later to follow us on facebooklive during a small stroll to the discovery among other things of architectural treasures.

Both recordings were placed under the sign of good mood and spontaneity.

When I listened the recording I was surprised to notice that  when I am a little nervous I laugh a lot and my English could be a bit approximatif.

My second intervention on the airwaves I owe it to Yolanda Robbins  who created the podcast The Paris Property Chronicles.

I discovered this podcast during my research on Parisian real estate and I immediately appreciated the high quality of the interventions, authentic and fascinating testimonies. I contacted Yolanda to express my appreciation for her work and after our discussion she offered me to be a guest. What an honor!

This time it was more about MyParisTouch, the birth of this project, my motivations, the services offered and of course we talked about Paris.

I was quite nervous by this intervention but Yolanda knew how to put me at ease and I had a good time and gave me the desire to share more.



My latest “media” presence is very recent. I owe it to Jessica Drucker who is, among other things, the creator of the Adventure Calls podcast and who has just published a guide for anyone who has a relocation project.

She did a great job to gather the best relocation specialists in 15 countries as well as many tips and tricks to prepare your expatriation project.

Alongside the release of the guide, Jessica has concocted 10 days of live interviews on Instagram about relocation and expatriation. And I had the great chance to be part of the guests. You can find the recording here.

Once again, I was able to talk about the motivations that led me to create MyParisTouch, the attractiveness of Paris, the most promising sectors of activity for expatriates, etc…

I really had a lot of chances to live these very enriching and inspiring experiences.

One of the key values for me in the MyParisTouch project is sharing. So I really want to bring you more practical advice through this blog. So don’t hesitate to submit topics, practical questions etc…

To do so, you can send me an email at