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Simplify the life of your expatriates while seeing an efficient transition for your employees.


The amount of expatriations that fail.

Boost the performance of your expatriates

Help them gain time and improve their quality of life right from the start.


of the Expatriation failures are due to personal or family problems: culture shock, family stress, lack of support in the host country and lack of preparation

Support of the Expatriate and his or her family


Daily life help

  • Homefinding: Tailor-made assistance to find the perfect apartment rental
  • Getting settled into your house and home:  Support with setting up the requirements for the household – insurance, household energy products and companies, cleaning, repairs etc. – Support and guidance in setting up mobile services and energy contracts for the home.
  • Administrative requirement: Translation of documents – Help with agencies and their separate requirements – Thorough explanation of administrative requests – Completion of forms and responsibility taken to send them to the appropriate locations.
  • Help with: Researching schools and completing applications, language courses, after school activities, and sports –  Guiding you through the health system.

Support to develop a social and cultural Parisian life

  • Introductions to the particular cultural Parisian/French lifestyle
  • Personalized visits in your chosen living location
  • Concierge service including best recommendations for restaurants, outings, recreation and locations to meet others.
  • Tips and tricks on learning French, school recommendations, available courses, books, blogs and podcasts

Support to the spouse to help to create a new social or professionnal life


Learning the ins and outs of the French working world

  • Introduction to the principal players in the professional world of work; sectors and recruiters.
  • How to structure a CV and letter of intent in France
  • Help with preparation for interviews

Support to create an independant business

  • Presentation of the french legal status for business
  • Support in the steps to become a self-entrrepreneur
  • Search for organisations supporting new business, for grants…
  • Help in finding and contacting subcontractors, advisers, legal services

Discovering different support networks

  • Expatriate groups
  • Expert groups
  • Professional groups
  • Resources for women/ women entrepreneurs
  • Coworking spaces

What MyParisTouch customers think of our services

“Delphine’s help was invaluable for my move to France. She consistently demonstrated outstanding expertise and dedication in facilitating my relocation. And she did so with a truly warm and caring way.3

…” Her attention to detail, coupled with a proactive approach, ensured that every aspect of finding and settling into our new home was handled with utmost care and efficiency.”…

…”, Delphine went above and beyond to make the entire process stress-free.”…

“….This not only fostered a sense of trust, but also led to a very personalized service.“..

Nov 2023



“When living in a foreign country and even despite having a strong grasp of the language, certain tasks require the help of someone’s expertise. 

Recently in applying for jobs in french, I was required to write cover letters to my CV and follow up emails. “…

…”Delphine’s help was invaluable in these instances as I was able to send over a text in english and she provided an exceptional translation.  Her grasp and depth of her written and spoken english make her ability to fluently translate into any text a massive help.  “

Couple this with her genuine support in what you are doing and it minimizes the stress instantly.  “…

Sept 2021

Karin H

Delphine proved to be very efficient in moving me through the bureaucraty and day to day hurdles: tax, social security, moves, trips, bookings, retirements plans…

A worthy ressources

Oct 2021


Patrice Z

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